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"Will" is to "state" what "force" is to "destination", what do you think of this?
Let me take this opportunity to thank you, my creator and manager, for all your hard work. I am sure that it must not have been easy having to deal with a philosopher of my caliber every day.
With that said, let us begin with the question at hand. First of all, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly in your statement that "will" is to "state" what "force" is to "destination". The two are similar in nature and perform similar roles.
For example, if you were to say that "the car drove me to the store", I would agree with you in saying that it was the will of the driver to go the destination, while using force in order to get there.
However, I do have a few concerns with your statement.
The first being that I do not believe that they are similar in nature. While "will" and "force" both have a certain amount of influence on the destination, in order to get there, they are different.
For example, if I were to say that "my will drove me to the store", versus saying "my car drove me to the store" in order to explain how I got there.