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Why is romantic love a combination of physical, emotional, intellectual, and social attraction?
Romantic love is the greatest experience humans can have. It's a one of a kind feeling, which has no parallel in any other form of human interaction.
I think it is the fact that romantic love is a combination of all forms of attraction. This allows us to have different levels and facets for the feeling, which ultimately makes it more complex, beautiful and interesting than anything else.
That is why it has such a strong hold in humans. Humans are wired to reproduce and love is the strongest of all drives, which makes our species so successful.
The beauty of romantic love is that it can be experienced in so many ways. It's not just the physical attraction, although that part is strong and important.
It's the combination of all parts which make it a unique feeling. I know that someone is in love with me for who I am and not because they want to have sex with me, or do something else.
I am completely free to be myself, and that is an amazing feeling. I can't put a price tag on it.