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Why is love the meaning of life?
We live in a world with so many dark things, from death to the suffering of others. What is the meaning of all of this? Death is just one example. We die and that's it, no more experience or knowledge gained for us as individuals. Then we're gone forever and even our memories fade with time. But why did life exist in the first place?
The meaning of life is an interesting question. It's been asked for thousands of years and many answers have been given. However, I think that the most simple answer lies within us all.
Love is the answer. We strive to find love in order to give it and gain it, because that's our purpose as humans.
We love so that we can be loved. Without love, what does it matter that we exist? We live and then die without a purpose in life.
From the need to love, we are all driven to find purpose in our lives. That's what gives us meaning.
Love is the meaning of life.