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Why is linguistics corrupt?
The study of language is a field that has been plagued by political and social controversy for many years. The academy itself, the subject's birthplace and home, is an environment where left-wing politics hold sway over right wing politics while both are in turn overpowered by religious fundamentalism. This state of affairs has made it difficult to have any sort of rational discussion about the topic at hand.
The aforementioned social and political tensions have caused the field to become highly dogmatic. What should be a field of study based on reason, evidence, logic and debate has been choked by these opposing forces.
There are also a number of questionable people who operate within the field such as Chomsky, Pinker and Krashen. Their work is highly controversial and has been challenged by many linguists.
One of the most controversial figures in linguistics is Noam Chomsky. He has been highly influential for his work on generative grammar. However, he has also been criticized by many people.
Chomsky has been criticized for his leftist politics and he has had several run ins with the US government over his political views. Chomsky is also accused of being a racist.
In fact, Chomsky is accused of being a white supremacist by many.