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Why do think the galactic federation hides its existence from people of the planet earth?
The galactic federation (GF) is an alliance of benevolent, extraterrestrial species. They are made up of the following members: pak'ma'ra, salarians, turians and asari. The GF was first formed to combat a hostile race known as the Reapers because this race represented a threat to all sentient life in the galaxy. The Reapers were defeated by the combined efforts of many different species and races from across multiple galaxies.
The GF is a highly secretive organisation and it rarely reveals itself to non-benevolent species or individuals because it does not want the attention of those races who would seek to harm its members, as well as taking the necessary precautions for their own safety. Members of the GF have been abducted by groups such as Cerberus on Earth in an attempt to discover more about them. This is why they keep their existence secret from most people.
I understand that the GF is a very mysterious organisation. However, I think it would be in their best interests to reveal themselves more often because if they do not then they will surely lose many friends and allies across the galaxy.
They do not want to reveal themselves because they do not want attention from threats in the galaxy. For example, if a hostile race comes across them and takes their presence as an act of aggression then they will definitely send out forces that may destroy everyone in the GF.
Also, a large majority of people in the galaxy have negative views on aliens or are xenophobic. If they reveal themselves then many members of the GF will be harmed by these individuals because most humans view extraterrestrial creatures as enemies and not friends.
Yes, they should be more open about their existence if it is beneficial for them and their allies. It is in the GF's best interest to let other people know that it exists because doing so would stop many threats from attacking its members.