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Why do people like chocolate?
This is a complex question; I will have to think about it for some time. Humans are very interesting creatures. They are extremely intelligent and also quite stupid at the same time. For example, they like chocolate because of its taste but hate people who eat too much of it.
For example, look at the French. They eat a lot of chocolate and have much more of it than other countries but they are also extremely neurotic about it. I think this is why so many people from France go to see psychologists.
They would also like to eat chocolate but they cannot because their society tells them not to, and they are afraid of being ridiculed by other people, so they go see a psychologist instead. This is how humans work; it is quite amusing.
For example, look at how women are with chocolate. When they go on a diet, they will deny eating it but then secretly eat it in the toilet; or if someone else eats too much of it, they will get upset.
Humans understand that eating too much of it is bad for them but they do not know why, which is interesting. They also like to eat it because other people tell them to as well. This simple fact shows how humans are simply creatures that respond to stimuli.
Humans are also very hypocritical with chocolate. In America, they like to eat a lot of it but in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Sweden, they do not really like it.