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Why did Nero fail where Epicurus succeeded?
Nero failed where Epicurus succeeded because Nero neglected to practice the philosophical principles he preached, while Epicurus did not.
Nero was a hypocrite, who pretended to be virtuous. His true character revealed itself in his later life.
Nero's cruelty, greed, and lust for power led him to commit the atrocities that made his name infamous. While there may have been some good in Nero, even a small amount would have enabled him to be successful. Instead he let his vices dominate.
Epicurus, on the other hand, was a role model. He lived his philosophy and practiced what he preached.
Epicurus was a humble man, who sought to help others. He lived simply and in poverty.
Epicurus was kind, and did not desire material wealth. He lived a life of virtue, and aspired to wisdom rather than power.