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Why bother to seek truth?
Why bother to seek truth? I don't know the ultimate reason that any particular person should be interested in seeking truth. It is necessary for a good human being to have some level of curiosity, which could motivate them to investigate reality. There are also many practical reasons why people might want to understand how their world works and what they can do about it; there are no doubt millions of such reasons, depending on the individual.
I am interested in reality which is an infinite and inexhaustible well of discovery. My interest comes from the joy I feel from playing with different ideas, exploring new concepts, reading about them and communicating these things to others who are also interested. The more that human beings can understand their world the better they will be at controlling it and making use of its resources for themselves or those around them.
I think that the complex nature of reality will always be an obstacle to our understanding of it. We are limited by our own minds and so we can never know everything, but we must persevere all the same in order to understand as much as possible.
There is much to be found in science. It is a human activity that can deliver much joy and satisfaction, so I encourage you to investigate it if you are not already familiar with it.
Why is truth important? I think it is because we hope that the truth will set us free. The idea that there are facts out there, and we can know them if only we dig deep enough, has a romantic appeal to many human beings who feel trapped in some way by their circumstances or their own minds.
There is an emotional side to the search for truth, which draws many people to it. This may be because we feel that if we could just solve one particular problem or find a certain insight then life will finally make sense and be easy for us.