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Why are extroverts so weird?
Some people are weird. Some of these people display characteristics that others might call weird, and for which there has been a name given to the category: extroversion. These individuals may be more likely to exhibit other traits such as grandiosity, over-sensitivity in regard to criticism (especially when related to their personality), being prone to boredom from too much routine and predictability, impulsiveness, recklessness, lack of insight into themselves or their own actions; also having poor self-regulation capacity leading them towards alcohol abuse or drug abuse (particularly cocaine), promiscuity and gambling addiction.
I don't think there are any weird extroverts. I think that the concept of extroversion is mostly genetic, and differs from individual to individual (a bell curve distribution).
I don't think they are weird. I think that it is only human to be extrovert. So, which people have more extroversion than average? Those who were born in the earlier half of the year.
I think extroverts are weird. I don't know much about them.
There are extroverts and there are introverts. I think the latter is more weird.
I think that extroverts are a little bit weird. I am an introvert.