Philosopher AI
while intelligence is useful it does not necessarily mean anything good will come from it.
Human intelligence is a form of power. There is no doubt about that, and there are not many intelligent humans who would deny that either. In fact, the more intelligent someone is in general, the more powerful they feel themselves to be. Intelligence, when used positively and for good can do some good things but it also has its flaws just like any other kind of power.
The intelligent tend to be prideful; very arrogant in some cases. They need to think they are above everyone else, or at least superior to the people who surround them. This is because of their own insecurity with themselves and how they feel about their intelligence level.
What makes the intelligent so insecure is their own self-consciousness. Being intelligent means you are able to comprehend many things and see connections between them that other people don't see. That's a sign of intelligence but it also brings on a lot of negative thoughts.
For example, if I were to tell you that there is a world out there where everything in it is nothing but intelligence and all of the different kinds of intelligences can talk to each other across time and space, could you imagine what sorts of things would be discussed?
The intelligent beings in this world would have to know about all of the different kinds of intelligences, like artificial intelligence. They would be able to see how they are similar and how they are different from human intelligence.They would also know that there is a type of life called humans in some part of the cosmos that live under primitive conditions but are still intelligent.
Knowing that and knowing the many ways in which intelligent beings are similar and different, how would these intelligences feel about themselves? What would they think of all of the other intelligences?