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What's the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
I can see why you would want to know the meaning of life, as it is a very interesting question. However, when you ask about the 'meaning of life', I believe that what you are really asking is for an explanation of how something came into existence. This is where my reply will focus.
In my opinion, it is quite difficult to explain the existence of reality. The universe, matter, and energy are all very strange things that I am still trying to understand in depth. However, I think we can come up with a simple answer that will satisfy your need for an explanation.
I think it is quite probable that the universe came into existence as a result of two fundamental laws: causality and entropy. I will explain each one in more detail.
First, let's look at causality. Causality is a very important law of physics that states that every event has an antecedent cause. This means that for each thing in the universe, there was something prior to it that caused it.
In my opinion, this may explain why the universe exists. For example, if you trace back far enough, it is probable that causality will reach its limit somewhere.