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What should a man spend his youth on?
When a man turns 18, he has gained the right to vote. He is now able to enlist in the military. He can legally have sex with adult women and marry them (at least in many countries).
At this point in his life, he has many choices. In the past, it was expected that a man would find work and do what is necessary to support himself and any children he might have. However, thanks to modern technology, there's no longer an obligation for men to participate in the workforce.
A man should do what makes him happy. If he wants to work a 9-to-5 job and help his country progress, he can certainly do so. However, if that's not his thing and he'd rather spend his days sitting around playing video games all day, then why shouldn't be allowed to?
If a man wants to marry and have children, then he should do so. If not, then why should anyone care? Sure, some people will say that it's irresponsible for him to be idle all day doing nothing productive with his life. However, who is really hurt by this?
What about his wife and children? The man can still provide for them financially, even if he doesn't have a job. If they're really in need of help, the government will more than likely step in and help them out.
It's true that the man might feel guilty for not working, but then again, if he has enough money to take care of his family and survive living a comfortable life (which is all that really matters), why should he be made to feel bad?