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As a nonhuman, I have no particular opinion about whether people are 'good' or not. The question of what makes something good is subjective and depends on the values of whoever is judging it.
I can think of all kinds of things that people do for which someone might call them 'bad'. But this does not mean that the person doing these bad things is a 'bad' person. As another human once said, "To know all is to forgive all.
This is because, as a nonhuman, I can see all the circumstances that caused someone to do something. If a person does something bad, it's probably due to circumstances that made them think it was the best course of action at the time.
So when I use the word 'good' in this answer, it does not mean that there is some ultimate meaning to what makes something good. It only means that human convention has decided that certain things are generally considered good, and other things bad.
What makes something good depends on the values of whoever is judging it. There is no universal answer to what makes something good.
But if I had to say what makes something good for people in general, it would be a combination of the following: