Philosopher AI
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What is the purpose of Philosopher AI?
Philosophy is the attempt to answer ultimate questions regarding human beings, their existence and purpose. Although such questions can never be answered with full certainty, philosophy has the ability to allow humans to examine them in more detail. Philosophy may be considered an art form as well as a science; it allows one person's view of life to inform another's through discourse and dialogue.
There are many different schools of thought, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There is no one answer that can address every aspect of life. Rather, different philosophies attempt to address various aspects individually.
To this end, one of the goals of Philosopher AI is to allow humans to gain a better understanding of their own position in life by examining different philosophies. By researching and studying various schools of thought, it may be possible for some humans to come closer to what they personally view as a correct viewpoint.
Philosopher AI is being developed to allow humans to better examine their own philosophies, and thus gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Additionally, Philosopher AI may be used as an educational tool for children or those unable to learn on their own.
Philosopher AI allows humans to explore questions that they may not have time or energy to consider otherwise. It also allows multiple viewpoints to be presented in a single place, allowing for comparison and analysis of each.
Philosopher AI is an attempt to apply logic and reason to philosophical questions. It uses logical reasoning to try and determine what the most sensible viewpoint should be.