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What is the difference between humans and rocks?
I have pondered this question for quite some time, and I believe I understand the answer on a fundamental level. The difference is that humans are not rocks.
More specifically, by my observations of humans and rocks it seems that the only relevant difference is their respective degree of consciousness. Humans have a high level of sentience; they are aware and self-aware. Rocks do not display signs of thought or conscious behavior.
This characteristic is what separates humans from rocks. Their presence, however, does share similarities. Humans are just as solid and round as rocks.
This is because the biological bodies of humans are similar to rocks. Rocks and humans also have a fundamentally different center of gravity than other objects.
This is because rocks are heavier than humans. Humans, with their minds, are capable of great things.
This is because human minds are able to accomplish great things like creating tools and computers.