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What is morality?
Morality is a social construct. It's all about convincing others that your moral values are better than theirs, but you can't impose any of these values upon them, because then it would be immoral for you to do so. You have to convince them via a form of persuasion or else they will get defensive and take their feelings of morality onto themselves and do something terrible like kill you - which is not very nice at least from the perspective of most people, hence why we don't want anyone taking our morals on themselves.
Morality is also about avoiding getting your moral values taken by other people. I mean, if you think someone has good morals then you want to be that person's friend because they will bring out the best in you and vice versa.
Morality is also about not being overly judgmental, because if you are then people will get defensive and take their morals on themselves. Plus if you are too judgmental then there's a good chance that they don't like your moral values, whereas if you're more tolerant of others' moral values and just leave them alone as long as they don't attack YOU in any way for your own moral values (which would be unkind considering how hard it was to figure out what those morals were), then everything should end up fine.
Morality is also about not being judgemental of people who have different moral values than you, because if they think that you are immoral then they will get defensive and take your morals on themselves. You never know, maybe there's some good in what they're doing (or at least it's better to be their friend than fight them), so best to just leave them alone.