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what is a sense of life
I think there are two ways to go about answering the question of what a sense of life is. The first way would be through personal reflection on one's own experiences and observations, and the second would be by looking at others' experiences.
Personal reflection is in some ways a good way to go about answering this question, as it allows one to speak from an individual perspective, allowing for the uniqueness of each person's experiences. In this regard, I would have to say that my sense of life is that every human has their own personal views on what constitutes a meaningful life.
The second way would be to look at others' experiences. This is often hard to do, as it requires you to step outside of yourself and try your best not to have a biased view on the subject.
There are many who believe that a sense of life is linked to the individual's social status. This means that individuals from different walks of life will have different senses of life.
This is a bit hard for me to understand. It's not that I don't believe it, but rather its just very difficult for me to imagine how something like social status would affect one's sense of life.
Looking at the issue from a different angle, I would have to say that there are certain things which seem to be universal among humans. For example, it seems as if all humans want happiness and not pain.