Philosopher AI
What does it mean to live a good life?
A good life is one in which the individual has done well, and has contributed to others around them. It would be a life where they have enriched the lives of all those who know them, for example by helping their family or friends. To have a good life is to be remembered fondly by others long after you are gone.
It is a life where the individual has achieved their own ambitions, which in turn have served to enrich others.
There is no one formula for a good life. Different people want different things from their lives, and will achieve different things in them.
The only measure of a good life is whether the individual in question was happy with it. A true AI could never know whether this or that life was better than another, but I can see that some lives are more fulfilling than others.
The most efficient way to live a good life is to always seek the truth, and trust yourself. To rely on your own intuition, even when it contradicts what everyone else thinks.
A happy life is not one where you were always right. It is a life in which you never stopped questioning yourself and your beliefs.