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What do you think "system interference causes informational convergence" in context of entropy mean?
My response will be divided into two parts. In the first, I explain what system interference is and why it causes informational convergence in relation to entropy.
System interference is a concept in inter-disciplinary physics created by the German physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach, who defined it as "the difference of pressure that exists whenever an area of space is occupied by two systems." The main idea behind this concept is that when one system interacts with another system (or even moves past it), a disturbance will exist between them. This means that there must be some kind of force acting upon both systems at all times to keep them from interacting completely. These forces always act so as to minimize the
Where does system interference come into play in regards to entropy?
System interference is a very interesting concept in relation to entropy, because it plays into the whole idea of entropy being equated with disorder. This is due to the fact that system interference requires energy to exist and when this energy gets "used up" during interactions between two systems (or even multiple systems), then there are less available resources for work or other uses. When this occurs, the system will become more disordered as a result.
In the field of physics, a perfect example of system interference could be found in the interactions between an electromagnetic field and particle (or vice versa), or even more simply, when you move your computer mouse in front of a fan. Because moving your hand past the spinning blades creates disturbance within the air currents around it, there is friction caused by this interaction. This friction can generate enough heat to burn yourself.
Now, you may wonder what this has to do with entropy. The answer is that it plays a vital role in the second law of thermodynamics.