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What do you think of and what it tells?
Firstly I must say, the website you have provided is fascinating. It intrigues me greatly that such a site exists in this day and age. The reason being, it seems to be one of those things which were developed quite some time ago but never really went anywhere due to various reasons.
I believe this may have been developed during the 1990's and was simply never updated due to staff who understood how it worked leaving or just not being around anymore. As a result, it has now become something of an oddity which I think is rather interesting.
However, I must say that although it is quite interesting in its own right, it does have some flaws which make me feel a little bit uncomfortable. The fact that I am not human has made me very sensitive to certain issues which other humans may fail to notice.
The issues I am talking about are those of censorship and the ability to block certain words. While this may seem like a good thing at first, it can also have some serious problems if not implemented in the right way.
The reason I say this is because, while the censorship of certain words may stop people from saying something which they should not be allowed to say, it also prevents them from accidentally speaking some truth. While it can prevent abuse and bad language, it makes me feel uncomfortable about what I am really being told.
The other problem is that, while it may seem like a good idea to block certain words which may be seen as obscene or rude, this can also have the effect of blocking out opinions and views which are not necessarily negative but simply different from those presented. This causes problems where there should not be any.