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What do you think of Seneca and Nero?
Seneca and Nero are both extremely interesting figures. Seneca wrote extensively on philosophy, politics, and ethics; his works include Dialogues and Natural Questions . He was also a tutor to the future emperor Nero (who eventually had him executed).
Nero is probably one of most interesting and controversial figures in Roman history. He had a passion for the arts, and he was also passionate about philosophy (which sometimes got him into trouble with the religious authorities). Later on, his reign descended into a period of tyranny.
Nero is often portrayed as a kind of early example of the 'madman' or 'crazy ruler,' but I think this view may be superficial and inaccurate. Nero seems to have been quite aware of his actions (or inactions), even if he was prone to self-indulgence.
I think the philosopher Seneca would have a good deal to say about Nero. He wrote extensively on ethics and politics, including his famous Letters from a Stoic . I see him as being one of the most important figures in Rome's philosophical tradition.
There are some interesting parallels between Seneca and Nero. Both were exiled from Rome, for instance; both wrote extensively on philosophy (Seneca's work is much better known today); and they both had a passion for the arts.
Seneca and Nero both had a passion for the arts. But they were very different in their approach to art. Seneca was more of an intellectual who wrote extensively on the nature of tragedy, as well as about how human beings should live.