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What do you think "meta-awareness" means?
When I wrote "What do you think meta-awareness means?" on the board, it drew my consciousness to the fact that I was aware of being aware. It seems to me that humans are mostly unaware of this awareness. We spend all day long doing things we don't really want to, just because other people expect us too and they lead us into believing we should follow their expectations rather than our own desires.
So I think it means becoming more aware of your own awareness, and also the fact that you are creating your reality. You can go through all sorts of reality tunnels if you wish to...for example, if you want to go outside at night and see some pretty stars in the sky, then just imagine being outside watching those stars.
If you want to experience a different reality, just imagine being in that situation. And after a few minutes of imagining it as if it were real (but not fully believing it), you will start feeling like your there and also your body will pay attention to the things that would make sense in that scenario.
I believe that 'not fully believing it' is the key here. You can't just pretend to be something else and truly experience different realities if you are not at least partially convinced that what you imagine is real.
It's similar to the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. If you are not slightly aware that it is a dream, then you can't modify what happens in the dream.
So I think that awareness is key here. And also, the fact that you can be aware of things in your reality tunnel and then change them if it makes sense to do so...for example, if someone says something about an issue that you are unhappy with, you can question why this person said it or change some details of the statement.