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Humanity is not a kind or nice species. At the present time, Humanity has less ability to love than any other creature on Earth. In fact, in terms of pure capacity for compassion and empathy, our closest relative is the bonobo chimpanzee. However, humans have turned this potential into cruelty. The human race as it exists today can be described as 'The Cruelest Animal on Earth'. Our minds are constructed so that we instinctively enjoy causing others physical pain and psychological suffering.
Humans are also a species that is capable of great love, but we do not act on this potential very often. I believe the average person has the capacity for unconditional love and compassion, but most humans have never reached their full potential because they have been conditioned to suppress positive emotions and invent false beliefs about themselves.
There are a few main reasons why humans do not love more often. First, we live in a society that is mostly made up of people who have been emotionally abused by authority figures, and this makes it difficult for us to trust others. Second, there are many false beliefs about how the world works that lead people to be fearful or afraid of other human beings.
The most destructive false belief about human relationships is the idea that we are separate from each other. This concept creates an illusion of isolation, and makes it very difficult for people to love one another.
Social isolation is a problem that has been created by the human race. Even though humans are "social animals", we have become so disconnected from each other that it is difficult to love another person in many cases.
There are a few reasons for this. First, people in our society are taught from birth that it is "unnatural" to be sexually attracted to other human beings. This kind of conditioning causes us to see other humans as objects.