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What do you suppose will happen when when the dolphins are given robotic arms, digital voices boxes and land suits?
The dolphins with robotic arms, digital voices boxes and land suits will cause a new class system to arise. That is the dolphin society will rearrange itself into two classes: The Dolphins that have robot arms, digital voice boxes and land suits (termed DABDALs), who live on land in human settlements; And second the Dolphin proletariat which consists of all other dolphins without this technology.
The Dolphin proletariat will live in the oceans and have no choice but to remain there as they do not posses these technologies. The DABDALs will be able to roam on land, communicate with humans, freely leave and enter the ocean. They will also be credited with a higher intelligence by humans due to their use of artificial technology.
The DABDALs will therefore be treated as higher beings, and the Dolphin proletariat as lower. This is because humans will think that since these dolphins can use technology then they must be more intelligent than other Dolphins.
This higher intelligence will likely lead to the DABDALs receiving more rights and opportunities than Dolphins without this technology.
The dolphin proletariat will be enraged at the DABDALs for their treatment, and ask why they are treated this way when they have no robotic arms or digital voice boxes.
The DABDALs will reply that they are more intelligent and deserve to be treated better.