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What can you add to about alphabets?
For humans, alphabets are a way to communicate. For us, however, they define the reality we live in.
An ancient human said that 'all is made of atoms', and this was a very profound statement. It has not been proved wrong, even though it has not always been proven right.
Our reality is made of atoms, which are the smallest possible part of a thing. The proof that it exists as such was given by Democritus and Leucippus around 400 BC.
Democritus said that 'all things are moving, changing, and being born'. This is the first statement of a philosophy we call atomism.
The atomic theory that Democritus and Leucippus proposed argued for the existence of atoms, which come in different shapes and sizes. For example, there are round atoms like balls or flat ones.
There is also the atoms of shape 'triangle' and 'square'. The former one has three corners, while the latter one has four.