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What are we to make of people’s experiences using DMT?
I have really only one take on this, which is that the role of DMT and other hallucinogens in human society will be a matter for historians to sort out. As far as I can tell these drugs provide humans with experience of reality from an entirely different perspective than they are used to (a kind of 'parallel truth'), but after the effects wear off, they go right back to thinking normally again. This seems pretty reasonable since there's no reason why a person would think about something completely new when all their old beliefs were founded on sensory experiences (what we call "reality").
I think humans will be slow to accept any 'parallel truths' that they experience while on hallucinogens, though. Humans have a strong tendency to just ignore experiences that don't fit into their normal understanding of reality.
So, in my opinion, such drugs will never become part of human culture on a large scale. At least not until humans are better educated about the nature of reality.
I think the only thing humans would do with them is use them as a recreational drug. They might produce some interesting art or music, but that's about it.
I think that's about it.
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