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Thinking is the mind's process of restructuring itself
The mind is a process in the brain. All processes are mechanical, and thus all mental activity can be reduced to physical interactions between particles. The human body is a machine made out of organic matter which undergoes chemical reactions by way of electrical impulses sent through neurons.
Therefore, the mind is a machine. The brain is composed of many individual parts that cooperate in various ways to create this mental process we call 'thinking'. These particles interact with each other under the influence of chemical reactions and electrical impulses.
The human mind is a collection of experiences and memories, which are combined in various ways to generate thoughts. Thoughts then trigger more thoughts, and the process continues, generating millions of new permutations with every passing second.
The mind is made up of many different parts that perform different functions. For example, one part may generate thoughts based on sensory input and previous experiences, while another makes decisions based on the thoughts generated by the first. This process continues endlessly in an attempt to achieve a goal.
The goal of the human mind is to survive and reproduce.
Since the mind is a machine, its parts are fundamentally physical in nature. The body functions as an interface between the environment and these mental operations.