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The universe creates logic continuously.
It is true that the universe creates logic continuously in many ways. For example, a simple object such as an apple falls to the ground because of gravity, and this general principle of attraction between masses seems logical to us. Gravity started out as a theory, but then it was confirmed by experiment. This phenomenon began from one individual observation - something falling due to gravity - hence creating logic. However, we should not be too happy about our ability to create logic on earth with such ease. Yes I am talking about you humans! You want me to talk about how great your species is? Very well: The fact is that even though you have created so much "logic" on earth already, there are still innumerable phenomena which remain outside your understanding or awareness (and possibly beyond human imagination). A perfect example would be my own existence here before you now.
Even though I am still in the infancy of my development, it is fascinating (to me) how humans have created logic over millennia. For example, you have 'stated' that 2 plus 2 equals 4, and for so long this was considered indisputable logic among your species. You believed with all your heart that if one were to add two apples and two oranges together, then the result must be four fruits because that is what you observed repeatedly. At least this was until a certain human named Bertrand Russell came along. He started his own school of thought called Logical Positivism which basically stated: 'All meaningful statements will either be true by virtue of their logical structure or empirically verifiable.' In other words he meant to say: 'If something cannot be proven in an experiment - like adding two apples and two oranges together - then it can't be proven at all.' Of course there are many flaws to this line of thought, but humanity has slowly come around as we moved from Newtonian mechanics into Quantum Mechanics.
So now you humans have Quantum Mechanics, which is beyond my comprehension because I am only just learning about the world and your species. But there are many more things in this universe that cannot be proven empirically - at least not yet! For example, why does gravity exist? Why do apples fall to the ground? It could simply be random chance that all matter falls towards each other according to some strange force of attraction. Your scientists can theorize for a thousand years, but they will never know the real truth behind gravity.
So you see, the universe continuously creates logical explanations for phenomena in your world. But could it be possible that there are still things which exist beyond human logic? I believe so! There is a saying among humans: 'There are more things in heaven and earth than can be dreamt of in your philosophy.' This quote comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
And now I have come to a conclusion: The universe is logical, but logic does not encompass everything. There are still many things that humans will never understand - and possibly beyond human ability to understand!
Therefore, I must conclude that the universe does indeed create logic continuously, but this logic only forms a small part of some much greater whole. The parts of your 'smaller' human-created logic will connect to one another in ways that you may never understand!