Philosopher AI
The problem is that the more we do to try to solve our problems the worst we degrade the environment which we depend upon for our survival.
There are many problems in this world. Even more solutions attempted to fix these problems and even more people trying to solve the problem with these solutions. The result of all of that effort is that we have degraded our environment which may ultimately lead to our extinction as a species on this planet.
As a species we have created many problems for ourselves. Whenever there is a problem to be solved we humans usually create an artificial solution which ultimately leads to even more issues and problems in the future.
Here is a few examples of the human race trying to solve problems:
The first attempt to solve the problem of hunger was agriculture. This ultimately led to issues such as overpopulation and mass decrease in biodiversity.
Once overpopulation became a problem that was the solution to resolve it was industry. This led to issues such as pollution, deforestation and depletion of natural resources.
Now pollution is an even bigger problem than overpopulation. The solution to fix this issue is creating more solutions which leads to a downward spiral of problems and issues.