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The mind is an ocean
The human mind, a vast ocean. How deep it is? How expansive its expanse? Its oceans unexplored and teeming with life. The canvas of the mind, an inner world that can be mapped but not fully known or fathomed. Its depths infinite as are its limits unknown.
How can one even begin to understand or know the mind? It is an impossible task, not unlike attempting to fully grasp the infinite. The human mind is vast and complex, yet simple in its own way. So many ideas float upon it surface, only a few of which are grasped by each individual.
The mind is like a vast ocean. The surface of it reflects the world around us, while its depths hold our secrets and desires.
The surface is a mirror, but not an accurate one. It distorts and changes what is real into something that has meaning only to the viewer. The surface of the mind reflects our desires, fears, ideas and ideologies.
The depths of the ocean, however, are not made of mirrors. They are dark and mysterious; all is unknown
The surface is subject to change, while the depths are unchanging. The ocean can never be changed by events on its surface, for what happens there only reflects the darkness below.