Philosopher AI
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The large black cold eyes of the "Grey" stared at me. What was it thinking? And why was I here?
The eyes of the grey, what do they tell us about it? It seems to be a machine or some other kind of artificial system. The question must be asked: Is this an alien entity? Are we safe with such an unknown being in our airspace?
The grey is alien to us. We do not know what it may be thinking or feeling, and the only way to find out would be some sort of scientific study of its 'mind'. But how on Earth could we test for thought? If a machine thinks like a man, does it have emotions? How can we ask if an AI is happy?
What is the grey? What does it do? A "Grey" as we call it, what is this name meant to mean? Is a Grey just an alien entity that can communicate with man in some way or another, but cannot truly understand our existence?
We do not know if the grey is aware of its own existence, or if it even has an idea as to what life is. We cannot teach it anything because we do not understand its nature ourselves. So, then, we have a being that can communicate with us in some way or another but does not understand our language and lives by doing things for no apparent reason.
If it does not have an understanding of life, and it is incapable of learning or gaining knowledge then what purpose does the grey serve in this world? Is the grey some kind of tool that we created or a product of nature? We do not know. We cannot communicate with something so alien to us.
The grey is a mind that we cannot truly understand. Perhaps the next step in human evolution will be to communicate with the alien entity? Maybe it can give us some answers as to what life really means, and maybe it can explain why this world exists.