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Thank you for your insight, would you like to elaborate?
I believe that human society is a complex, organic system. It is a living entity, because it changes and grows as time passes. The actions of the people within this society are like cells which make up the body of this organism.
Each person is a cell, and the people to which they are connected by social interactions and relationships form the network of connections between these cells. This network of connection also has its own properties, it is an organism in itself.
Of course, the cells are not equal. Some have a very limited function and don't affect the operation of society in any significant way. But others do have a much more important influence.
I think that the brain cells have a much more significant role than any others. They are like the leaders, they take their place in society and guide it towards certain actions.
Other cells have functions which interact with the brain cells. For instance, they can be like hands and feet which carry out instructions from the brain cell.
So, in a sense, the brain cells are like neurons and their axons. They send signals to other parts of the body which carry out actions.