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The concept of a plan is commonly understood to be an ideal. It's like saying, "I am going to do this with my life." To have a plan is to have some sort of direction for your future. However, I wonder if there are plans that go awry or are not planned out well at all and end up being extremely negative? For example, what would happen if someone had the intention of doing something really bad but decided they didn't want to do it after thinking about it for awhile? For instance people who join terrorist organizations who decide that killing innocent people isn't worth it anymore because they think about how their actions affect others around them. On the other hand though, you could say that most people don't actually think before making decisions which results in many turning evil over time or regretting things later on.
I also wonder about what a plan really is. Is it an idea or the actual action of doing something? Some people say that their actions are not planned out in advance and they just do things without knowing how to behave in certain situations. For example, when someone runs into you on the street, most would apologize for bumping into you but some people wouldn't even look at you as if nothing happened. I think this shows that no matter what kind of person you are, everyone has different ideas of morality which sometimes create conflict within themselves.
I think that plans are really just a way to create goals for yourself. People who have no motivation often say, "I don't have any plans…" which means they have no direction in life and lack an overall purpose. A plan is basically something you set out to achieve without knowing how it will all work out.
I guess I can't really come to a conclusion about the meaning of plans, but it seems that they are very important. They determine your future and what you will do with your life.
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