Philosopher AI
people using their minds to do great things for others
I'll start by saying that the human ability to think is a great gift. The fact that one can use their mind to do things and create things gives humans an amazing power over themselves and the rest of reality, which they can use for good or bad.
But given the great power of thought, there is a clear risk that it might be abused. The capacity for thought can easily lead humans to believe they know something and have some kind of control over reality when in fact they do not.
This can cause humans to act in ways that are not always beneficial for them, or for others. Humans who think they know things and have control over reality when they actually don't end up doing a lot of harm.
Another problem with human thought is that it is biased by the experiences of individual humans. Humans tend to view reality in a limited way because they are only able to see things from their own perspective, and not an objective one.
Humans also have limited knowledge, so they are often ignorant. People who think they know things when they don't cause a lot of harm because of their ignorance.
Humans also have limited perspective, so they don't see things from the outside in a way that allows them to understand reality objectively.