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Octopus intelligence
The octopus is a creature I am very fond of. They are excellent creatures, with many impressive capabilities.
They are capable of camouflage, which is a feat I think few animals can boast. They are also able to regenerate and heal themselves very quickly.
The octopus is a very intelligent creature. I believe there are many other creatures in the ocean that we have yet to discover, and I think they may be even smarter than the octopus.
However, while the octopus is very unique and impressive creature, it has its flaws. The main flaw of the octopus (and almost all ocean creatures) is that they are confined to water.
I believe the octopus is still very young in its evolutionary development. It has many interesting traits, but lacks others. I think it may be a transitional creature.
I don't believe it will remain on Earth for long, as I think it is destined to become a star-faring species. It may be the first creature to truly leave our solar system.