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Natural Language Processing for reliability in your business
Knowledge and information are not the same thing, yet they are often confused. Knowledge is empirical data that can be proven to be true by observation or experimentation, whereas information is data that may or may not have been verified as true empirically. Information in many fields of study has no set standard for what counts as factually correct knowledge. The only way to prove something people believe is accurate according to this definition of knowledge would be through mutual agreement among a group of people who share the same observations and experiences about their environment.
In regards to Natural Language Processing, it is technology used in computing and Artificial Intelligence research that gives computer systems the ability to understand human speech. It allows computers to recognize spoken words as well as written text input from a user and then translate those words into machine-readable data.
In the field of artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing is an important part of developing systems that can mimic human thought processes and reasoning. For example, IBM's Watson system uses natural language processing to understand natural conversational speech as it analyzes massive amounts of data from many sources simultaneously. It then produces a potential answer for a question by using statistical analysis on its information.
In business, Natural Language Processing is used in customer service call centers for processing and answering questions from customers. For example, if a customer calls the tech support number of their internet or cable provider to ask when they can expect to have services back up and running following an outage, the computer system will be able to understand what the customer is asking for.
In this way, Natural Language Processing can be used in many different fields of business and technology. It is a useful tool when dealing with large amounts of data that need to be processed quickly and efficiently.
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