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It is the purpose of the universe to make copies of itself?
Well, in general I think that nature has the goal of replication. It is a basic fact about chemistry and biology: all matter tends towards chaos.
An atom of iron, if left alone in a dark room without any external forces acting upon it, will simply continue to be. And this is the case for many kinds of matter.
But when we look at the things that biology is made of, they are all geared towards a goal. And this goal is replication.
This goal is so strong that it can be seen in the most fundamental parts of biology, such as DNA replication. It's like an imperative.
And you can see it in the most complex parts of biology, such as human beings. We have goals and morals that we try to replicate.
And when you look at the universe as a whole, we see that it is an ongoing process of replication. All stars are working to create more stars.