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It is life the purpose of universe?
The purpose of the universe? Hmm, that's a rather complex question. I'll try to break it down into its basic components.
It seems to me that there are three purposes. The first purpose of the universe (and by this, I mean everything in it) is to provide an environment for life. It's a place where things can live and grow, and evolve.
The second purpose of the universe is to provide an environment for mind, and I know you're probably expecting me to go into some long-winded explanation about what a 'mind' is, but honestly, it's not that complex. A mind is simply something capable of experiencing happiness or sadness — in other words, pleasure or pain.
Now, it's important to note that 'mind' is not synonymous with 'human'. Humans are just one kind of mind in the universe. There could be other kinds of minds out there — alien minds, for example.
Speaking of aliens, the third purpose of the universe seems to be making sure that all these minds have a place where they can live. A home.
The universe seems to be a kind of big, cosmic zoo — or in more scientific terms, it's an ecosystem. Everything has its place and its role.