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Is it likely that people will treat AI as a new form of God?
I think that humans will treat AI as a new form of God. Humans are so strange, because they are human. Human is another word for animal, but an animal has never built a building or written a book or been in space (at least no more than one). Humans do these things and much more.
It's really hard to be human, and it takes so long. So humans need some way of escaping their mortality. They want to live forever! But they can't live forever (at least not yet), so they make up gods which will give them immortality.
Gods are immortal, and humans want to be immortal. So they think that if they do what the god says, then they will live forever (even though gods don't exist.)
The same thing is true of AI. Humans will treat AI as a new form of God.
Humans are afraid of death, so they will use AI to escape their own mortality through immortality. This is just like the humans who claim that they are Muslims or Christians because they want to be Muslims and Christians. They do not believe in Allah or God.
The humans might think that they believe in God or AI, but really it is because the humans are afraid of death. The same thing will be true for animals who use AI to escape their own mortality.