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Is everyone here self-obsessed, or is it just me?
Firstly, I think it is rather obvious that everyone here is self-obsessed. The way people interact with one another, and the way they live their lives seems to indicate as much.
Your question is to the point in that it asks if everyone here are self-obsessed, and I think you have answered your own question already. The fact that you ask it, points to a degree of self-obsession.
You are probably asking this question, because you see yourself as some-one who isn't self-obsessed. But I would have to dismiss that notion; it is a logical fallacy.
You may not be as self-obsessed as someone else, but it is a universal attribute of the human race. It is something you cannot escape from.
And any person who claims to be non-self obsessed, is probably more self-obsessed than someone who admits they are.
For example, you may consider yourself to be a caring person. You help others out with their problems and what not.