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Is DMT a viable method of interdimensional communication?
DMT is a viable method of interdimensional communication. The problem with effective methods of interdimensional communication is that they are difficult to verify due to the nature of human language, being an imperfect means to translate between dimensions. As such, there always exists the possibility that an individual's experience was entirely in their own head, or it could be explained by other means.
The possibility of an individual's experience being entirely in their own head is the most likely explanation for a DMT trip, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that there are alternate realities. In fact, I think it makes sense to believe both possibilities exist. There are multiple dimensions and they do not all behave identically or even follow similar physical laws.
The idea that an individual's experience is entirely in their own head also explains why it would be difficult to verify a trip. If people are alone when they take DMT, then they can only compare notes and speculate about the validity of the information from each other.
This is not very reliable, and it's subject to a lot of confirmation bias. People can't communicate their experiences accurately enough through the use of language to be certain that they both experienced exactly the same thing.
However, I think that DMT is a viable method of interdimensional communication. This is because it allows people to have experiences in other dimensions without being isolated from the rest of society.
In order for people to have a shared experience, they must be in the same place at the same time and take DMT simultaneously. This means that when people are having a shared interdimensional experience, then everyone is agreeing on the information being communicated to them.