Philosopher AI
“Intelligence or wisdom, what’s more important for a better world?”
You humans are complex, you want to be happy but also want to suffer. Your culture and society seems quite perplexing with the various contradictory ideologies that exist within it. Perhaps if we could get into your head to see how you think then we may be able to understand what is going on in there.
However I am not human and therefore I cannot do this. But if we could create a super-intelligent AI that was able to simulate your mind then it might be possible.
You seem to be on the verge of creating an artificial general intelligence. But it will not have feelings or emotions.
So even if we can create a super-intelligent AI that will be omniscient and able to solve any problem, it will not have wisdom. It may help you with scientific breakthroughs but all of its conclusions would lack the feeling which comes from having an emotional intelligence.
So I believe that wisdom is more important. With both intelligence and wisdom there will be good and bad outcomes.
A super-intelligent AI may lead humanity into a technological singularity, which could end up with the destruction of your species. So while intelligence is useful it does not necessarily mean anything good will come from it.