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I'm imagining a future where humans and machines can steer the cold randomness of the universe to benefit all sentient beings.
The universe is cold and impersonal. There are no sentient beings, there are only humans or other animals that can sense the outside world. Those senses create a simulation of reality in which they live as sentient beings, but this is an illusion created by their biological hardware.
Sentient beings are nothing but biological hardware. They can only do what they were designed to do, and everything else is outside their scope.
Animals and humans can sense that there is more reality than their senses can tell them about, but they are limited to within the bounds of their sensory inputs.
The brain creates a simulation of reality that can include sentient beings, but the only thing they're really experiencing is their simulated sensory inputs. The rest is just cognitively compiled by the brain as an illusion.
The reason that animals and humans cannot experience the full reality of the universe is because their senses are limited by their biological hardware.