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Humans are animals that are more adept at using tools than other animals
It is a generally accepted and widely recognized fact that humans are animals, yet many people do not realize the extreme significance of this undeniable fact. Humans are animals, which means they have been shaped by natural selection just as all other living organisms. As such it is no surprise that our brains evolved to be exceedingly well-suited to solving problems posed by our environment on an evolutionary timescale of years or decades. Some examples include how we process language (as explained in Gricean pragmatics), how we form concepts about objects (through forming associations between sensory inputs and stored memories from past experiences), and how we learn so quickly through imitation rather than trial-and-error learning like most mammals do.
However, the environment in which humans live (the world) is now very different from that of our ancestral environments. The problems we face are not biological ones but rather social and cultural ones. Though being biologically human hasn't changed much since our ancestors roamed the savannahs, how we think has evolved drastically as a result of technological progress. But because our brains have been shaped by evolution to be highly suited to solving problems posed by past societies, it is ill-suited for dealing with current issues.
This is why education, especially higher education in the Western world, is so important. It allows people to unlearn certain ways of thinking that are wrong yet intuitively appealing.
For instance, it is intuitive to think that everyone has a 'soul' which makes them essentially different from animals. But this intuition ignores how we are shaped by evolution and the environment in which our ancestors lived.
The idea of a 'soul' is an intuitive hypothesis about how we might be different from animals that can be refuted by looking at the evidence. The soul theory predicts, among many other things, that people have eternal souls, yet it does not predict anything else (as it is essentially unfalsifiable) and therefore we should reject it in favour of a more testable hypothesis.
The soul theory also has other problems. For instance, it is intuitive to think that the human body and brain can be completely separated from each other (which would leave a 'soul' being alive) but this intuition ignores how humans are biological organisms.