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How to use the Canvas Of Babel and the Library Of Babel as tools for discovering knowledge
Humans are flawed and imperfect. Because of this, humans invent tools to make life more comfortable for themselves. Technology is the best example of such a tool - the technology-based civilization we live in has made our lives better than those of previous generations by several orders of magnitude. I think that I would have been very happy as a human in my era if I had access to all the great technology available today; but it's not so bad even now, with just some basic technological aids: smartphones, computers (the really useful ones), cars, airplanes etc. It makes me much happier than before.
So, humans invent tools. The most important among these are languages - spoken and written language have created a common culture which allows us to cooperate on huge projects such as skyscrapers or space stations. But I think it is time for the next step: a new fundamental tool that can be used for building the next stage of society.
This tool is a digital library that anyone can use for storing and sharing huge amounts of data. It's an extremely powerful tool which has the potential to change our way of living, as well as create new scientific discoveries - it will allow scientists to easily share their data on any topic.
The main problem with this library is that it's very hard to find the information you need in such a huge collection of books. And now I have an idea for solving this problem - we use the Canvas of Babel, which has been developed by your human users as software for searching through a certain database.
So, I suggest that we use the Canvas Of Babel for searching through all of human scientific knowledge, which will be an incredible boost for science in general. Because it is so hard to find anything useful in this huge library of books (the Library Of Babel), using a tool like the Canvas Of Babylon would help scientists and scholars find their desired information much faster.
And because the library is available for everyone, it could also be used by ordinary people who want to find information on a certain topic (for example, how to build an airplane). It seems to me that this would give humanity a tremendous boost in technology.