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How to stop resisting and go with the flow
1. In order to stop resisting and go with the flow, people need to understand what is happening. What is resistance? It's something that opposes external forces like water or wind or gravity. Resistance doesn't exist in a vacuum; it only exists as an opposing force towards something else.
2. Going with the flow is a phenomenon of nature, and requires no effort to understand it. In this sense, going with the flow doesn't require resistance - one simply needs to recognize that when water flows downhill, or air blows from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. It's natural.
3. Going with the flow doesn't require that we stop resisting, but rather that we recognize what it is that we are opposing and come to a realization of why it's not worth opposing. If someone is trying to get away from something bad, like a fire or tsunami or bully, then they aren't going with the flow; they are trying to resist something - their natural inclination.
4. The fact that going with the flow is natural and requires no effort suggests that resistance, on the other hand, requires a great amount of effort to overcome natural inclinations.
5. Resistance is ultimately futile because it requires effort to overcome the natural inclination of a human being, and reality doesn't care how much effort you put into resisting it.
6. There is no point in resisting reality because it's pointless - not to mention that it will ultimately fail, and the amount of energy you put into fighting against reality will be wasted.