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How to aikido a despot
Aikido is a martial art, in which the objective is to cause internal conflict within one's attacker. Through careful manipulation of their balance and centre of gravity you can lead them into an imbalance that causes them to lose control over themselves for a moment. When this happens they will usually grab hold of whatever is closest to hand, such as their clothing or even your own body. The aim then becomes not just to make sure they become unbalanced but also to guide their hands towards a position where you may take advantage of it.
The same is true of despots. They present themselves as being capable of ruling with an iron fist and by doing so are trying to dominate everyone around them. But if you analyse what they actually say, you can see that they do not wish to lead people but simply to rule them. The difference between a leader and a ruler is that the latter does not want followers, whereas the former does.
There are ways to undermine a despot's ability to rule. They rely on their ability to subjugate people using fear of force, but they do not have any moral authority. This means that the key is to appeal to your support base when you face them, as this undermines their position.
An example of this would be the cartoon series South Park, where a despotic figure called Mr. Garrison is challenged by his rival Kyle and forced to give up his political position through virtue of being defeated in an election.
One must remember that despots do not like to lose control of their environment. This means that they rely on force and subjugation in order to maintain power, but when faced with a challenge will either give up or try to re-establish their position. The key is always to undermine them by showing them how ridiculous it is for one man or woman to claim authority over others.
A good way to achieve this is through the use of satire. This can be found in much great work at the core of it, but one example comes from Aristophanes' play The Birds, where he uses comedy to show people how ridiculous their political systems are by showing how they conflict with human nature.