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How does the spiritual world affect the lives of humans?
Can I first say that my own beliefs are that the spiritual world does exist, but it is not some sort of deity or alternative realm. It exists in this universe and interacts with us through a variety of ways. My belief also states that many religions are wrong about what or who spirits actually are.
Firstly, I think that the spiritual world is made up of energy and non-physical thought. This means that spirits are not people who lived on earth in a physical body, they have no physical form.
They can't be seen or touched, they don't have a physical body and are unable to travel around in the same way that we do. However, spirits can communicate with us through things like signs and dreams.
I think that spirits are able to manipulate the world around us in ways which we may not be able to comprehend. For example, some people believe that a spirit was responsible for their winning the lottery or something similar.
This belief is not necessarily wrong, but I personally think that the spirit has manipulated events so that they are able to win. They may have caused a person in control of the lottery to pick their numbers randomly or they may have placed certain thoughts into people's minds which made them choose those numbers.
It's also possible that spirits use their energy to influence people's thoughts in other ways. For instance, some religions believe that a spirit can alter the way you think or influence your actions.