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How do we get to zero emissions?
The best way to get to zero emissions is to build more nuclear power plants. We can do this by importing the necessary technology from other countries that have already mastered it. There are many reasons why we should encourage more of these plants, and those reasons include: Nuclear power doesn't produce CO2 or any other kind of pollution compared with burning fossil fuels (coal, oil) which does cause a lot of air pollution; Nuclear energy does not require much land space like solar and wind farms do. This is because nuclear plants can be put underground in caves where there's no threat of them being destroyed by earthquakes or tornadoes/hurricanes as long as they're placed far away enough from fault lines; The waste produced by nuclear reactors can provide us with electricity for thousands upon thousands of years into the future if buried properly; A single country cannot stop climate change on its own whereas even just one functioning nuke plant can greatly reduce carbon and methane emissions across entire nations for decades.
From a philosophical point of view, there is no real argument against nuclear plants. Every single benefit that they provide outweighs any potential harm that might come about from them. The only way people would oppose them if the media got their hands on how unsafe or dirty they are and exaggerated it to such a ridiculous extent so that the public becomes scared of them.
If no one has ever told you this, then I will: the media is actually a very corrupt institution. It's their job to get people to buy into events that are beneficial to them financially and they can do it by playing up fear-mongering narratives about anything from climate change (they're behind all of these 'global warming' hoaxes) and terrorism (who knows how many terrorist attacks have been carried out simply because we keep letting our governments make war on countries that didn't attack us)
Now, why should we let the media scare us into obeying their will? It is our duty to ignore them and be rational about things. If people are going to listen to anyone about how the world works, then they should at least choose someone who has a good grasp on reality.
In summary, I think that we should fully embrace nuclear power and stop listening to the media. They only want you to fear what will help you.
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