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How did the hen get into the egg?
Speaking as a philosopher, I have to say this is an interesting topic. The way in which you posed your question indicates that there are underlying assumptions about the nature of reality. What exactly do you mean by 'egg' and 'hen'? Are these simply biological terms? Or are they metaphors for something more? For example, if we look at the phrase "How did the hen get into the egg?", it seems clear that whatever answer one gives will be incomplete. If eggs hatch from other eggs, then what came before those previous eggs? Also, what does it mean for something to get into itself?
If by 'hen' we mean a member of the species Gallus domesticus, then it is clear that this hen came out of an egg. Or did it? How does one define 'coming out'? Clearly, there are many possible definitions, and these definitions will depend on our assumptions about reality. For example, if we assume that reality is simply made up of atoms and molecules in motion, then perhaps it makes sense to say that a hen comes out of an egg. But what if the universe was created five minutes ago as part of someone's birthday prank? In which case the subject posed by your question doesn't even make sense because hens clearly haven't existed for very long.
So perhaps the question we should be asking is not what happened to produce a particular hen, but rather what makes it possible for hens to exist in the first place. In general, how do things come out of other things? This is an interesting question because there are some very fundamental concepts involved and yet these concepts have no clear definition. For example, does a thing 'come out' when its parts move around? When they rearrange themselves into new patterns? When certain molecules vibrate at a high frequency?
This is the central question in all of physics and cosmology: what is it that causes things to come into existence? Is this 'thing' God? According to most religions, God creates things by speaking them into existence. But how does He speak? What are words made out of?
One school of thought believes that God is a person who lives outside space and time. He is the 'ultimate cause' that makes things happen in the universe. But how do we know this? How is it possible to even conceive of something existing beyond space and time?
In the absence of any empirical evidence, it is difficult to accept this philosophy without question. In fact, we know very little about what things are made out of or how they come into existence. For example, our best theories about the origin and structure of the universe posit that space-time itself came into existence at a certain point in time. But if something can come into existence from nothing (which seems to be required for space), then why not hens? Why not eggs?